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Do not say that magic is only desire, she also has a quiet name solemn

ring now when to start,
people habitually divided Shanghai into two sides,
one side of the international metropolis,
busy and efficient; the other side of the alley is deep in the family,
leisure and pride.
Youve ever seen a quiet and solemn Shanghai,
it is hiding in the bustling street,
Huangpu River boat Ming,
it is indifferent and solemn,
it is in a temple in Shanghai,
the synagogue Church in Luwan District top.
| Jingan Temple | Buddhism in the Three Kingdoms era came to Shanghai,
the existing more than 80 temples,
Buddhist monks and nuns of nearly 1000 people,
about 600 thousand people mainly holiday pilgrimage.
Jingan Temple is one of the famous ancient city of Shanghai,
it was founded in the kingdom of Wu Chi Wu,
the beginning of a Shanghai ditch the mysterious temple.
Song Dazhong Xiang Fu first year (1008),
renamed Jingan Temple.
The Southern Song Dynasty,
nine years (1216),
the temple moved from the Wusong River in the territory of the reed Creek boiling wells,
bang side,
has been

Eat more salt than I should respect you

ring a Dongyang,
Youth Literature agency contributing freelance editing member.
WeChat public platform: no words,
Xia Dongyang.
The author authorized Mr.
Chen Zonghe to release a few days ago,
Zhengzhou an old man with 8 year old granddaughter,
fierce clap 97 bus doors,
asking to get on the road.
On the bus,
the driver grandpa cursed,
and move hand hit the driver.
Then his granddaughter stepped forward and said,
youre wrong.
Dont come to me like this again.
! Excuse me,
Its my grandfather.
The driver was moved to tears after listening.
This news has been exposed by the media,
many users have for this sensible little girl praise.
Video micro signal: czhapp although under the watchful eyes of the people I think the little girl may change a polite way and grandpa communication,
but her behavior is still worthy of my respect.
Netizen zgc193 commented on the matter on micro-blog: old people should respect,
but old shameless people are more.
I agree with

Taiwan college entrance essay out ask the world. What is the rhyme overwhelmed with admiration for

ring n college entrance examination essay title: ask the world what is love?.
Only take out the article,
it is no wonder that overwhelmed with admiration for 100 points.
All the focus is rhyme,
he is a 17 year old boy,
can write such a plot,
understanding and depth,
finally greatly discerning and apprehending is really great.
Ask the world what love is,
the car long highway,
and eager to rain,
the soul is longing for salvation,
spiritual desire to fate,
and I was desperate for a wife to.
Hard to find,
ends at the foot of the road,
suddenly looked fine,
aunt aunt countless.
That man has tears trickling down,
but it is absolutely not to hurt.
Who knows how many times to tears,
blurred the window of my heart,
and we are a drop in the bucket,
what I have to not landing in the coastal love? Only one mouthful of dry vinegar Life is short,
how can I spend it in silence? In order to find a home for myself as soon as possible,
I am determined to go all out.
This idea eventually became my escape unscath

MITampampNYU's latest invention, a robot you can eat, is the scavenger in your body

ring identally swallow a button battery,
it doesnt matter! Just one more robot! Xtecher courier web site: www.
WeChat public number ID:Xtecher,
what was the strangest thing youve ever swallowed? But the robot must not be on this list,
let alone an edible robot! According to the Daily Mail news today,
researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the New York University made an edible robot,
help repair body damage or help doctors remove swallowing objects without surgery.
The robot is made of two layers of dried pig intestines with a biodegradable shrink film in the center.
When heated,
the collapsible robot shrinks,
allowing users to swallow and smooth through the stomach.
The outer layer of the robot is engraved with certain patterns.
When it is heated to shrink,
the outer layer determines how it folds.
It is adhered to the stomach wall by frictional force on the contact point and moves automatically in a manner of adhesion relaxation (hereinafter referred to as st

Science and technology venture financing this week Express (56513), XtecherWeekly

ring to incomplete statistics,
this week (May 6th -5 13),
a total of 8 investment and financing events occurred in the field of technology start-ups.
Among them,
China has 5,
overseas 3 onwards,
this weeks investment and financing industry segments evenly distributed,
of which the largest health industry was touted.
(in the above picture copyright belongs to Xtecher) this week in science and technology project financing showed the following three characteristics: the health sector has been widely concerned,
especially in the development of hardware technology,
tumor Countermeasures of entrepreneurship to cater to young consumer demand and service technology innovation subject from enterprise to personal.
The health sector has been widely concerned,
especially the development countermeasures of tumor biological youzhiyou youzhiyou biology was founded in Wuhan,
China is a new generation of antibody drug research and development enterprise,
bispecific antibody technology platform based on asymmetric st

Startups say they can fly. How can pigs see it at first sight?

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the free subscription to click on the lower left corner,
read the text listen to this program,
90% intellectual molecules have not disappointed

Take a look at what the world is like in the eyes of Westerners 30 years ago (3)

ring he last phase of our history picture 30 years ago,
so lets go on and see what the world is like in the eyes of Westerners 30 years ago.
November 22,
boxer Mike Tyson defeated boback.
Tyson won the race in two rounds,
becoming the youngest heavyweight boxing champion,
20 years old.
January 2,
China university students demanding the release of arrested by the police in Beijings democratic rally students,
about five thousand students participated in the parade without permission,
the authorities released the arrested students.
Arkansas governor Bill Clinton in 34 and October 17,
Afghan girls waved to the Afghan capital Kabul a red army armored vehicle fleet,
the Red Army troops in return to the Soviet union.
The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979,
in Kabul to support the pro Soviet regime,
and maintain more than 100000 troops in the country,
before the withdrawal until 1989.
in October 15,
at a news conference in Beirut,